Laura Allen – Your Pitch is the Message of your Business

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My guest today is Laura Allen. Her business The Pitch Girl provides the strategy to entrepreneurs to increase their revenue.

[0:29] The Initial Pitch

The Pitch Girl is passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring in more income. The pitch is a strategy and process. It doesn’t have to be the sleazy car salesman pitch. It’s an inspiring story on why they should decide to go with you. People need to know why to care and what makes you different from everyone else.

Laura started many years ago and has done different things between. She started a website called 15-second pitch in 2003 so she has had this passion for quite some time. Yet, it wasn’t always pitching in Laura’s world. There was a start in corporate America working with office politics and cubicles. It was an experience that provided value to Laura.

[05:39] Ensure You’re Committed

By sticking to key points such as no barter deals or discounts, Laura keeps true to herself. She realized that if she wasn’t being paid for her time, there was no real commitment from the person she was teaching. It became optional and put on the back burner in their lives. It doesn’t mean you need to pay a huge amount of money. Because that can also result in a lack of commitment. You don’t want to pay someone to do your work but to help you do your work.

[09:08] Niche your Pitch

It’s important to keep your focus on one thing when selling. If you choose to focus on many things you need to keep in mind there needs to be a separate pitch for each. Find your own path with your pitch. Don’t let yourself fall into the imposter syndrome. Just because someone is doing it one way doesn’t mean that same way will work for you.

Laura is here to help with this and loves working with people that are doing something different. Being different helps you stand out amongst others. Build your team as well to help grow and expand on your differences. Surround yourself with smart and honest people because they will give you the best feedback. When change is upon you it’s important to have support from your team.

[20:08] PR Vs. Community

People spend a lot of money for PR to get a couple of mentions here and there. Laura has noticed that many of these people still don’t get any hits and when they do, it doesn’t generate revenue. It’s great for credibility but it didn’t drive business. It’s not always the outlet’s fault but the pitch. The pitch is most important in bringing in business. It’s your message that will connect with new business.


[23:07] The Pitch Girl

Instead of using PR, build a community of people to spread your message. This is how Laura helps her clients.

Laura helps her clients with what they need at that moment. It could be a client introduction or going to an event together. It’s easy for clients to have Laura with them at events because they may have issues getting their message across in a fancy way. Strategy is the main thing Laura provides to her clients.

Sometimes you have a limited opportunity in getting your message across. People are quick to copy or replicate an idea to market it themselves. You have to get out in full force and make your name within the niche.

[24:36] Laura’s Bucket List Item

Laura’s bucket list item for this year is to go to Greece. Travelling is in Laura’s top 3 list of things she wants to do.

Episode Outline

[0:29] The Initial Pitch

[05:39] Ensure You’re Committed

[09:08] Niche your Pitch

[20:08] PR Vs. Community

[23:07] The Pitch Girl

[24:36] Laura’s Bucket List Item

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