ICP 189 Creating A Great Pitch with The 15-Second Pitch Girl Laura Allen

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How challenges become opportunities
  • How Laura built her confidence pitching
  • How to create an authentic pitch


According to her website, thepitchgirl.com, Laura Allen allegedly once sent a three-foot tall steel pyramid to Star Wars director, George Lucas, yielding a $60m dollar deal for her client.

Laura is someone who helps people to refine their pitch when it comes to offering their creative talents to others.

In this insightful conversation, Laura reveals how her childhood shyness created adult confidence enabling her to help her clients win big: achieving the life and results they are after.

Laura describes how 9/11 changed her own perspective and that of those around her.

You’ll also hear how the challenges of working in the corporate world have helped her to gain the necessary skills to inspire, motivate and be of service to others.

She also shares why learning to promote yourself now is more important than ever.

“You need to learn how to promote yourself if you are going to be able to survive” – Laura Allen

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

The 15 second pitch girl

[00:50] Introducing Laura Allen, the 15 second pitch girl.

[01:38] Laura shares her story and how she helps others.

[03:33] One of the hardest jobs Laura ever had.

[05:00] How Laura closed a $5.5million deal from a cold call.

[07:20] What was at the heart of that deal.

“A good pitch today is better than the perfect pitch tomorrow” – Laura Allen

Creating a great pitch

[08:08] How to create a great pitch.

[12:45] The power of testing out different pitches.

[14:49] What asking for the sale can reveal.

[16:54] How Laura built her confidence pitching.

[19:15] How Laura selects her clients.

“You need to get comfortable asking for the sale” – Laura Allen

How challenges become opportunities

[20:51] What challenges Laura faced in the corporate world.

[22:23] Laura describes her lifestyle helping others today.

[23:27] A defining time for Laura.

[26:00] Laura describes one of her first customers.

[27:00] A turning point creating congruency in Laura’s work.

[28:36] Laura shares stories highlighting the challenges with barter deals.

“If you’re going to do a barter deal – treat it like a million dollar deal – be that clear about what you’re offering and what you’re going to get in return” – Laura Allen

Playing and pitching at a higher level

[30:36] The value of hiring a professional.

[32:19] Laura reveals that she was shy at school.

[34:30] Being out of her comfort zone.

[37:15] Before and after 9/11.

[40:05] What success means to Laura.

“I can’t imagine doing anything better than what I do” – Laura Allen

Creating a comfortable place for promotion

[41:14] What advice Laura would offer her younger self.

[43:15] Why it’s so important to start promoting ourselves now.

[44:26] What inspired Laura recently.

[45:11] What Laura is grateful for today.

[46:22] What’s next for Laura and where you can find her.

“You have to have the courage of your convictions to ask for the sale otherwise you’re just giving things away” – Laura Allen

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